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Fresh off the plane and in need of money, two Finnish backpackers find themselves the latest batch of “fresh meat”
sent to work as barmaids at the only pub in a remote Australian mining town.

Confronted with a culture of alienation and impunity – in limbo between being desired and disdained,
their working holiday rapidly deteriorates into a bizarre test of endurance, as they discover
that to meet expectations they’ll need to do more than just pour drinks.

Set deep in Australia’s harsh interior, Hotel Coolgardie is a sometimes amusing, sometimes appalling,
surprisingly moving portrait of small town insularity, fragile masculinity and
the plight of the outsider forced to adapt or face the consequences.



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“One of the most captivating Australian documentaries in recent memory…
humorous, absorbing, uneasy and often disturbing. ”  **** CINEMA AUSTRALIA

“gripping… holds you right to the very end… an impressive piece of work…” **** DAVID STRATTON
“…remarkable… riveting”  **** DAVID STRATTON (THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN)

“Jaw-dropping… thought provoking…
one of the most confronting and compelling documentaries ever filmed in this country.”  ****½ HERALD-SUN

“…bloody amazing… do not miss it.”   ****½  1116FM Radio SEN

“cringeworthy, but also fantastic… riveting, right through to the very end…
staggering… sad, funny, shocking, embarrassing… extraordinary” ****½ Deb Kennedy 882 Radio 6PR

…”a staggering piece of work… ..achieves what all filmmakers should really aspire to, whether in fiction or otherwise,
by capturing the truth of the human condition, the naked lunch for all to see, and putting
it out there unconcerned with box office or public approval.”  **** OTAGO DAILY TIMES

“…a nightmare version of Cheers…”  POV MAGAZINE

“…veers between intimate moments of human warmth and vulnerability
to disturbing verbal and physical violations ”  ***** FRONT ROW REVIEWS

“…a sly and lighthearted humor throughout an otherwise astonishing narrative…
…captivates from intriguing start to bittersweet end…”  SLUG MAGAZINE

“Completely unexpected, completely stunning. 8/10”  THE YOUNG FOLKS

“Gleeson weaves in a sly sense of humour…
Reminiscent of the dust-laden classic Wake In Fright…”  CULT PROJECTIONS

Hotel Coolgardie is to bogans what Jaws is to sharks.”  THE BRAG

“An 83 minute cringeathon…”  AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW

“…an important and timely documentary… sociologically fascinating…
takes a hard unflinching look at fragile masculinity.”  TORONTO FILM SCENE

“Simmering, unsettling, accomplished verité…”  TOM ROSTON

” a marvel… almost from a different world.”  SCENE CREEK

“Feels already like a timeless film.” HUNTER & BLIGH

“A cross between Kiwi rugby documentary The Ground We Won and an Aussie outback horror film…
a compelling yet chilling watch…” STUFF (NZ)

“As soon as Hotel Coolgardie ended, I walked to my car, shut the door, and burst into tears.” MONSTER CHILDREN

“It’s been a few week since I have seen Hotel Coolgardie and I haven’t stopped thinking about it
for more than a few hours. Go and see it now.” WE ARE A STAR

“ unforgettable piece of work…”  WYLIE WRITES

“…one of the most important and shocking films, documentary or otherwise,
to come out of Australia in ages.” **** FILM BLERG

CinefestOz 2016 Director Interview, ABC South West      [LISTEN]

Triple J with Veronica & Lewis, Director Interview June 2017       [LISTEN]






Poindimié / Pwêêdi Wiimîâ
Ânûû-rû Âboro Festival International du Cinéma des Peuples 2017
[En présence du réalisateur]

Sun 15 October 18:30 Hotel Tieti
Mon 16 October 18:00 Koné
Wed 18 October 09:00 Médiatèque
Fri 20 October 18:30 Bayes

VIMEO-ON-DEMAND                     iTUNES                    AMAZON



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