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At a remote pub, on a dusty highway between Australia’s most isolated city and its largest gold pit, the arrival every three months of a new pair of foreign backpackers to work the bar is a keenly anticipated event.

Fresh off the plane and attracted by the idea of an authentic outback experience, Finnish travellers Lina and Steph find themselves en route to a dot on the map – to pour beers, replenish depleted travel funds, and live amongst the locals. But their working holiday quickly deteriorates ­­into a bizarre test of endurance.

Harangued by their new boss, relentlessly pursued and pilloried by booze-addled patrons, and prey to the madness and malaise of an environment as claustrophobic as it is isolated – the girls soon realise that to meet expectations out here, they’ll need to do more than just serve drinks.

Sometimes humorous, often shocking, Hotel Coolgardie is a raw, wryly-observed journey into an outback Australia rarely depicted on screen.


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In selected cinemas around Australia from 15 JUNE 2017.

Screening dates and locations COMING SOON.

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“One of the most captivating Australian documentaries in recent memory…
humorous, absorbing, uneasy and often disturbing. ”  **** CINEMA AUSTRALIA

“…a nightmare version of Cheers…”  POV MAGAZINE

“…a sly and lighthearted humor throughout an otherwise astonishing narrative…
…captivates from intriguing start to bittersweet end…”  SLUG MAGAZINE

“Completely unexpected, completely stunning. 8/10”  THE YOUNG FOLKS

Gleeson weaves in a sly sense of humour…
Reminiscent of the dust-laden classic Wake In Fright…”  CULT PROJECTIONS

“…veers between intimate moments of human warmth and vulnerability
to disturbing verbal and physical violations ”  ***** FRONT ROW REVIEWS

Hotel Coolgardie is to bogans what Jaws is to sharks.”  THE BRAG

“An 83 minute cringeathon…”  AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW

“ unforgettable piece of work…”  WYLIE WRITES

“…an important and timely documentary… sociologically fascinating…
takes a hard unflinching look at fragile masculinity.”  TORONTO FILM SCENE

“Compelling verité…”  POV Magazine (Tom Roston)

” a marvel… almost from a different world.”  SCENE CREEK




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